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Phillips Ranch, CA


The gift to draw is a part of my soul; I remember my father, Donald Phillip Allen, always sitting at his easel every night after work. He would paint long into the early mornings; I remember looking forward to joining him Saturdays and Sundays at San Diego’s Balboa Park, showing his paintings to hundreds of folks walking in among the trees.

I have always been able to depict subjects as they appear; I consider myself a ‘realist’ an artist who believes in the ideology of ‘objective reality’. Realism has always been my strength; I excelled in higher education to obtain my Art degrees; schools in industrial arts, drafting, and graphic design; as my focus began to narrow I devoted my efforts in the study of medical illustration while attending San Diego State University.

In the 70’s I was successful with various local publications in commercial graphic communication; as a student/professional artist I provided illustrations which interpret and create visual material to help record and disseminate medical, biological and related knowledge. Medical illustrators not only produce such material but can also function as consultants and administrators within the field of bio-communication. I was commissioned for several medical illustrations for doctors throughout the San Diego area; one of my drawings was featured in Scripps Institute of Medicine; a publication depicting Ellen Browning Scripps, my drawing of the famous philanthropist was selected for the publications cover. Mrs. Scripps philanthropies include the establishment of Scripps College; the establishment of Scripps Institution of Oceanography; the establishment of Scripps Memorial Hospital; the establishment of Scripps Clinic (which was the second such facility in the United States); and the establishment of Torrey Pines State Park.

My drawing is inspired by the works of the great ‘masters’ which I studied in college; as well as many great American artists like Andrew Wyeth, Norman Rockwell, Russell, Remington, Olaf Wieghorst and other European artists like Chardin, Millet, Courbet, and Corot.

I left San Diego in 1974 and moved north to Orange County where I began a career in the mortgage banking and real estate business; and I met my wonderful wife of 34-yrs. We established a terrific home in the Los Angeles County area where I have utilized my talents to completely redesign our home (I should have been an architect). We've traveled much of the world; we have two terrific young sons; in 2007 I surrendered my car for a couple of Harley Davidson motorcycles… helps me with the stress and blood pressure.

I recently came to the crystallization I should again begin sharing my God given artistic talent with those who may come to appreciate my work. It’s been 38-yrs since I put pen & ink or brush to canvas but I suppose I have few more productive years left on the planet… let’s see what I can do with them.

To be continued…


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